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All IntuitivScience books are written for both the student, and the parent/teacher. For every two-page student exercise, there is a two-page parent/teacher guide.

What the student gets:
  1. A work-text that includes both reading material and workbook exercises
  2. Plenty of diagrams designed to work the way students think
  3. Solid science concepts that the student can build upon
What the parent/teacher gets:
  1. The cognitive science that explains the instructional design 
  2. The science theory so that you can avoid student misconceptions
  3. Practical help, where appropriate, so you can assist and correct the student. It’s like professional development with every lesson.

Learn how IntuitivChemistry works in 8 short lessons. Give the students in your life the best start in science learning

 About Jim Ross

 Jim Jim Pub Photo has more than 34 years experience in science education, in both private and public school systems. 
From 2001-2005, Jim taught the pedagogy courses in Chemistry, Physics and Intermediate Science at the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario. More...