Exploring Reproduction


Life is for living and giving, not memorizing stuff !

Once again, IntuitivScience represents introductory cell biology in a highly pictorial manner. Using very simple, easy-to-reproduce diagrams, students can quickly accomplish a solid understanding of the "how-and-why" of cellular reproduction.
Practical hands-on activities show how multicellular organisms grow, repair tissue, and pass on hereditary material by means of cell division.  The emphasis is on the genetic information and its faithful and complete transmission between generations. We start with reproducing easily available plants, using cuttings. We end with Romeo and Juliet: first we construct a simple model of DNA, and how it contains their own genetic inheritance. Finally, you can explain why Romeo and Juliet can combine their genes to make unique and unrepeatable babies!

Parents and teachers, you get one half of the book! We provide solid pedagogical supports, recipes, and methods of presentation.

The unit itself is subdivided into four major sections. Each section will take a little more than one week to complete.
  • Use the microscope to observe the structure of plant and animal cells.
  • Cellular reproduction, and nuclear reproduction, known as mitosis.
  • Human sexual reproduction, seen from a cellular perspective.
  • Laboratory activities that examine some forms of reproduction.
At the end of each section is a thorough quiz

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