Ross Table - 4' x 3' Banner Classroom Size


The First Pedagogical Periodic Table
Designed to be Learned!

1. Easy To Learn - Requires the least possible student effort to provide the greatest possible accuracy of student recall. Avoids the problem of "unlearning" in the future.

2. Accommodates a wide spectrum of students - matches the needs of students who differ in ability, age, previous achievement and future learning.

3. Advances every student's capacity to explore - All students are driven to explore. The Ross Table supports the student as she asks her own questions and undertakes the labs that investigate chemical behavior.

4. Is Scientifically Tenable - This pedagogical model of the atom has fewer errors than the alternatives. Students can build upon it as they increase their knowledge of more sophisticated models.

5. Advances Students' Understanding Of Science - Invites students to participate in scientific investigation, and rewards them with honest findings.

6. Invites Students To Create New Knowledge - The Ross Table emphasizes the importance of student representations, so students work harder to refine their own representations.

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